quarta-feira, 24 de dezembro de 2014

A pun or a drunk

I wish tonight would be pleasant. I just want to handle the dinner. The truth is I don’t want to struggle: all I really want is “Antaño”. It’s all that I can care about right now, all that I can handle, nothing more. Maybe he will be my partner tonight. After all, he’s stylish, yummy and I hope he might me let relaxed, calm and a little bit dazzled (or it would be dizzy?). It sounds like a fall, right? I wish. And even if this night fails, I still have the wine. Cause the “Antaño” is mine. Cause the “Antaño” is wine. And I don’t mind of getting dizzy. No matter what happens, wine still sounds like a fall. Wine is like a crush and sometimes, wine is the crush.

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